Print shop | Board game manufacturing


we are a print-shop open to any interested person

We believe that the print media may be an especially useful tool to connect people and our job is to keep these tools in best conditions.


We like you to come and visit us, touch papers recently printed and stain your hand with ink if you dare…


Our team of professionals is composed by designers, printers, book binders…we have been working together for many years accumulating and sharing of knowledge and expertise with people interested in working with us.


We have been adapting and updating to new technologies, but not forgetting the more traditional techniques of this profession, so, nowadays we can offer a wide range of finishing that can be combined in order to get spectacular results.


Each work is done on an individual way, thus it is easier to control the print quality, the color balance, the detection of possible mistakes or the adjustement of the delivery times without losing quality.


Advice our clients is one of the most important priorities of our company. We optimize the resource not to print more than necessary, adapting each work to the necessities of the person who rely on us.


Our target is to provide our projects added value to transmit something different and be more efficient.