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Print shop | Board game manufacturing

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Board games


We started the manufacture of board games many years ago for small publishing houses. Nowadays, we provide a comprehensive service in the manufacture of board games and we work with several publishers both in Spain and abroad.


We have all the specialized machinery necessary for this kind of work, variety of finishes and specific components.

Quality games


The first step in the manufacture of board games is the study of the project and the materials, advising the publisher to get the best quality and finishes, in order to get the satisfaction of the final customers’ expectation.


Handcrafted work have a special value in our company, we are focused on producing quality games affordable for the publisher without the need of printing large quantities and long delivery times.



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Small and large quantities


Our facilities are prepared to produce all kind of board games for both large and small quantities.


For small production we can use digital impression combined with craftsmanship and handmade work so there is no need for large investments of money and print large quantities. Also we can produce different customized models at the same time by this way.



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We also work with components such as tokens, dices or miniatures, whether in plastic, wood or resin with the possibility of customizing them, and there is the possibility in small quantities of including customized pieces in 3d-printing.


Final assembly of the game is carried out by people with disabilities, promoting their social and working integration.


Games are individually shrink-wrapped, packed and palletized, ready to commercialize from our facilities.


torage and logistics

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We offer you a full service warehousing and logistics suited for board games.


  • Logistics services

  • storage

  • Inventory management / replacement

  • Packaging Solutions

  • Distribution lists (pre orders / crowdfunding)

  • domestic shipments

  • international Shipping

  • Quality control and tracking shipments.

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