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Print shop | Board game manufacturing

Print shop | Board game manufacturing



First thing to do is to prepare the documents, the work must be reviewed by a printed proof before printing both physical and digital formats to make sure everything is correct.


The results depend entirely on the proper planning and testing.


We assist our clients in the design, choice of materials and finishes in order to print every work in the form that best suits their needs,


while maintaining a strict quality control throughout the entire process. Thus, we can offer offset printing, digital or a combination of both if necessary.

Offset printing


Offset printing is perfect for medium or high amounts or those requiring pantone colours or specials inks.


It is the most appropiated for most finishes and it is recommended when the project has customized die cut, varnish or special paper.


We use CTP plates system and Heidelberg machines combining the best technology with craftsmanship to print in a customized way with different formats in order to get a better quality and flexibility on delivery time

Digital printing


Digital print is the solution to those persons who need quality and small printing quantities or data variable printing.


Digital printing can produce only the copies than the client needs with a very competitive cost and allows high definition printing and it can be combined with offset printing in order to get a wide range of possiblities and finisheds.

Post printing



Correct handling of the post-printing process is important to ensure a good result.


Our post-printing service provides of auxiliary machines to further reduce production times and improve the quality control at the end of the process.



Many works require a special and even more elaborated presentation. To do that, we offer our expertise in packaging and industrial and artesanal handling.


We design and producce all kinds of container boxes, packs, packaging multimedia, displays and PLV customized to the needs of each product and client.

Special paper and finished


We work with the main national manufacture and import special papers, we also have environmental and recycled papers as a sustainable alternative.


Sometimes we can add varnished and special inks, letterpress, UVI, die cutting, laser cut, termal engraving to give a special touch.

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