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5 tips for working with agr

Ecofriendly factory

Corredor de pista y campo

From the beginning

Low carbon 

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Any components for your game


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Your ecofriendly board game factory in Spain

We are a company specialising in the production of board games. Do you have a project and want to create a board game? Get in touch with us. We can manufacture any type of board game, card game, role playing game or any related project.

Our board game factory is located in Humanes de Madrid in Madrid, Spain. We are a modern and ecological factory, in operation since 2021 and equipped with solar panels that allow us up to 6 months of self-consumption. Our facilities are ready to manufacture any component for your board game.

We have ISO 9001 quality certification, FSC® certification for paper from controlled forests, and we can help you comply with all the requirements of the EN71 CE marking, which is necessary to manufacture and publish board games in Spain and Europe.

  • More than 3,000,000 copies produced

  • 1,000 different titles manufactured

  • Over 100 successful crowdfunding campaigns

  • Over 50,000 games shipped through fulfilment

  • Less than 1% margin of error

  • Games exported to over 20 countries

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AGRprint is our graphics production centre, part of the Plusprint Group, located in Getafe, Madrid, Spain, with a modern facility less than 15 kilometres from the main factory. It is an offset and digital printing plant, equipped with solar panels and FSC® certified, with all the printing and finishing capabilities to produce all the components of our board games and deliver your game ready for sale.

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AGR is a one-stop factory for the manufacture of board games.

We can produce anything you need, from a prototype to promote your first copies, to full production runs of hundreds or thousands of copies, and then store, distribute and ship your games anywhere in the world.

AGR is the most complete factory for your game.

We work to make your game a reality. We have all kinds of components for our board games, meeples, wooden pieces, plastic pieces, thermoformed PS trays, thermoplastic resin figures, dice, pencils, chequebooks.
Anything you can imagine in a board game is available.

We can also help and advise you with everything you need to make your board game a reality. Creating a game is much quicker and easier with us. If you need help with registering your game, complying with regulations, graphic design or an element that doesn't quite fit, don't worry. We have advisors and specialists who will be happy to help and advise you in the creation of your game. Whether you are a new author, a small publisher, a company or organisation with little experience, or a specialist publisher, we are here to help and guide you.

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How to make your board game step by step in AGR:


Request a quote. You can find the form at the bottom of this page. One of our sales representatives will contact you.


Once you have checked all the details in the quote, we can start your order. The quote includes everything that will go into your board game, so check everything thoroughly and don't take anything for granted!


It's time to send us all your files. Our pre-production engineers will send you the templates you need to create your game and a guide to creating the final artwork. We will answer any questions you may have.


We review the technical details of the final artwork as well as the legal and regulatory aspects to ensure your game is ready for retail. You will receive a detailed technical evaluation with results, suggestions and necessary corrections.


With the correct files in hand, we will produce the eProof or digital proofs. Some elements of the game, such as the cards, require additional preparation and you will receive the proofs and specific instructions on how to check that everything is correct.

It is very important that this check is exhaustive, as anything overlooked at this stage will not be reversed.


Ready to print! At this point, if you wish, we can send you flatbed colour proofs and a blank mock-up. All you need to do is approve the proofs and we'll get started.


Production takes between 6 and 8 weeks. We will carry out all the processes to complete your project, keeping you informed of each milestone and allowing you to track progress.


Once everything is ready, our logistics department will arrange delivery. Do you have multiple addresses? Need to make multiple deliveries? Don't worry, we can help.

Our file correction system is fast, reliable and secure. Far more complete, rigorous and exhaustive than other systems. With us, your game will be ready to go to market, with no labelling, legal or artwork errors. You have a direct line to the people in charge of your project, and you can track progress with confidence.

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Starts from square one

AGR is the most complete factory in the world. Our aim is to support you throughout the entire process, from the first steps of advising and assisting you in the production of your board game, to facilitating the creation of quality prototypes, the manufacture of the finished game, its storage and distribution by national or international shipping.

For these first steps, our online shop is ideal for making prototypes and small batches of board games:

With LUDOTIPIA you can produce all the components of your board game, such as cards, boxes, boards or plastic and wooden game pieces. As well as any other component you can think of.

If you already have a game budgeted with us and need to create a prototype, we can send you a bespoke quote to create your game within the budget. Prototypes are great for testing how the game works with different components, showing it at trade shows and publishers, or using it to make videos for crowdfunding campaigns or social networking promotions.

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How prototyping differs from mass producing
Bearing in mind that prototypes and series products have different purposes, the following table shows the difference between each process so that you can focus on what you need.


  • High unit cost

  • Prototype quality

  • Not a certified product

  • Component quality is lower

  • Can be used to test the game or different components

  • It can be bought directly on the web at Ludotipia or through a production quote from AGR

  • It is not necessary to make a prototype to check the qualities and how the game will look like


  • Low unit cost for high volume production

  • Final quality

  • It is a CE certified product and can obtain other certifications

  • High component quality

  • Can only be manufactured on a bespoke basis by contacting AGR

  • We do not include an initial copy of the game for review, but rather a thorough review of the components, which is much more thorough and requires feedback from the customer

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Make your game sustainable

At AGR you can make your game more sustainable. You can even reduce the carbon footprint of your production to 0 if you wish.

Not only is manufacturing closer to you a good way to reduce your carbon footprint, but we provide you with all the tools you need to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible.

We offer you our 3 key pillars to help you reduce your carbon footprint and make your game greener and more sustainable.

1.Recycled and FSC® certified paper

At AGR we are FSC® certified. This means that the paper we use in your game can be certified as having been sourced from well managed forests, reducing the impact on the environment and certifying the reforestation and restoration of forests.

Sí quieres conocer más sobre el certificado FSC® puedes entrar en la página web de FSC® España para conocer todas las ventajas que te ofrece fabricar con papeles certificados

2.Factory in operation with solar panels


Our board game factory is located in Humanes de Madrid, in Madrid, Spain. This gives us around 3000 hours of sunlight per year. This amount of daylight hours per year, added to our factory built in 2021, gives us a comparative advantage over other factories, allowing us to run up to 6 months per year on solar energy, reducing the negative impact on the environment and reducing the carbon footprint of each game we produce.

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3.Plastic-free games


Pe can produce 100% single-use plastic-free board games. We manufacture the sets using processes that do not convert the paper and do not use additional plastics for coatings. You can use wooden components in your FSC-certified game and we also provide paper banding and closures, eliminating the use of single-use plastics in the game and giving you a plastic-free product to bring to market.


Our Plastic Free logo is visible on the paper stickers and is available for you to use on your box to certify that no single-use plastics have been used in the manufacture of your board game.

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The question is not whether to be more or less sustainable, but when to be sustainable.

Take the step with us as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to help you

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carbon footprint impact

With us you can reduce your carbon footprint to 0%. Thanks to our partnership with the Plusprint Group, we can calculate the carbon footprint of your board game and give you the tools to offset it.


Zero carbon footprint is a very difficult goal to achieve, but if you manufacture with us, use means and techniques that reduce the carbon footprint, manufacture close to where you live and use tools to calculate and offset your carbon footprint, you will be making a sustainable board game with added value. You are doing your bit to make the whole manufacturing process even more sustainable.


We prepare and ship anywhere in the world, allowing us to reduce costs by sending products directly to distributors or by centralising bulk shipments for crowdfunding campaigns.

We have a dedicated department to track and ship the different campaigns. We can save you time and money by consolidating all your warehousing, distribution and shipping services with a single supplier.

We also give you the keys to make your shipments USA, CANADA, EU and other regions friendly for crowdfunding campaigns, as well as personalised advice on how to optimise your campaign and make the whole process easier, faster and safer.

We are the most complete board game factory, do you need to make your prototypes and send them to different communicators or influencers? We have all the equipment to do it. Have you had a successful campaign and need to distribute it internationally? You can count on us. We can help you at all stages of your game with us. Just email us and tell us what you need.


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